The author has been creating the technology for more than 7 years, and she is constantly working at new methods and ideas of decorating plants and surfaces.

The basic of all the composition is the dried florist material, which is carefully prepared by the author according to her method.

Ready-made materials are never used!

All the elements of the composition are carefully worked up. It helps to preserve the form, the texture and the color of natural material.

Not a single petal or leaf will lose its color with time passing!

The author is especially proud of the new technology of putting the paint to the dried plants.

The best realistic results are achieved with the help of careful painting of the smallest parts of petals and leaves.

The use of this technology helps to make fancy patterns, which look wonderfully on big leaves and petals.

The composition of paints and additional elements is a particular author’s secret. It is specially made for each plant, and depends on each species.

All art works are unique and a certificate with the number is given to each picture. The author’s seal is affixed to the certificate.

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